Be Part of Ben’s Conversation

by | Dec 2, 2020

Bens’ Journey – The age of increased independence and decision-making


It is a pleasure getting to know Ben, his gentle nature welcomes one into his thoughts and world. Like many young adults, his life is full. He lives independently in an apartment, enjoys spending time with his roommate, playing hockey, has a healthy circle of friends and a supportive family. He was recently featured in the film “The Reason I Jump” where he talks about his friend of 20 years, Emma, “She is my North Star.” Ben is 25 years old so is making decisions about his life during this rich and explorative time. He is an active advocate and very busy –  we appreciate being able to spend some time with him.


Ben does not use verbal language to communicate and he has autism.


As an advocate for people with disabilities Ben encourages people to “be part of the conversation” to live more independently and to have the autonomy to make decisions. He expressed how important it has been for him to make his own decisions and have his wishes respected.


Ben works with SafeinHome to support his independence, privacy, decision-making and safety. He has started using the medication dispenser allowing him to manage his medication by himself with reminders to take at the correct time. He and his mother laughed together as she said he is probably happy not to have her reminding him all the time.


Stay tuned – way more to come as Ben allows us to be part of his conversation.