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The SafeinHome Service

SafeinHome is an HCBS service. We provide a person-centered support service that delivers individualized solutions in a learning environment with the goal of leveling up the independence of each person we serve.


Support for Health and Safety

Our 60+ assistive technology and sensor devices allow us to keep abreast of health and safety around the clock and quickly send alerts to our support staff quickly when assistance is needed.

Girl with Down Syndrome holding a spoon - eating

Individualized and
Customizable Support

We support each individual needs by providing adjustable and customizable support, but with the space and privacy each person desires and based on valuable data-driven insights.

Girl with Down Syndrome holding a spoon - eating
Girl with Down Syndrome holding a spoon - eating

Home and Community Support

In addition to support in the home, our services enable people to take part in the community, and the workplace. Communication devices such as the Geocomm can be used to connect with our team, anytime they need support.


Let’s work together to find the solution that’s right for the people you serve to live their best lives.