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SafeinHome Remote Supports makes the dream of living independently real. Your SafeinHome representative will connect with you within 48 hours.

Answers to Your Questions

How does Remote Supports at SafeinHome work?

SafeinHome combines friendly personalized Remote Support services with discreet sensor technologies that detect movement around the living space. Based on the individual’s needs and wants, the Care Circle can set the system parameters for SafeinHome to send alerts as needed.

The alerts can address kitchen activity, bedroom access, visibility to visitors, and any movement patterns for which information is identified as useful to support an independent and safe living environment.

Does SafeinHome use cameras?

SafeinHome primarily uses sensor technology and utilizes cameras if needed or requested. When appropriate, SafeinHome can incorporate facial-recognition cameras at entries to ensure only approved persons are accessing the home. Alerts can then be generated to the Care Circle.

Does SafeinHome only use alerts to trigger the attention of the remote support staff?

No.  SafeinHome uses alerts and check-in as part of the support plan.  The person being served can check in with the friendly Remote Support Staff 24/7 about anything they may need or want.

Additionally, SafeinHome Remote Support Specialists can initiate a check-in call with the person as needed at scheduled times for such things as medication compliance or general well-being calls.

Can SafeinHome provide support outside of the living space?

Yes. With the use of the Geo-Location feature of the mPERS and/or our Geo-Location wristband, SafeinHome can detect and support the person near home or at work and can be reached at all times.