Remote Supports — A Learning Environment

by | May 14, 2021

Would you want support in your life that is authoritarian and protective so you don’t make a wrong decision – or – would you prefer encouraging, friendly consistent support that helps you learn how to make decisions?

Here is another question – how did you learn – anything? Driving, typing, writing, playing a sport, picking the appropriate clothes to wear, etc.

SafeinHome’s idea of Remote Supports focuses less on technology or devices and more on providing a supportive and empowering environment. If a person, any person, has the right supports in their life, they have opportunities to practice making decisions. They have the time and space to think through daily choices without an authority figure always present to either direct them or stop a decision. It is important to SafeinHome that the environment we support is not restrictive.

Supported Learning
According to learning theories, time and space to experiment and consistent empowering support fosters learning. A successful learning environment also provides safety. For example, if you have worked from home the past year, to concentrate and learn, you most likely needed your working environment to match your work responsibilities with elements such as privacy, comfortable workstation, quiet, and technology.

Speaking of learning, SafeinHome’s strength-based consultation process focuses on what is being learned and versus what needs to be fixed or stopped. This perspective leads to solutions that are proactive and person-centered. The solution focuses on the next step towards what independence means to the person being supported.

SafeinHome’s Remote Supports system of sensor and assistive technology integrated with real-time, 24-hour, trained staff fosters an environment for learning and decision-making. The trained staff are always available and encouraging. The system, combined with the human-to-human connection provides opportunities for people to control their environment and when and how they would like support. This leads to self-determination (making decisions without asking for permission first).

Here is a quick video of Chris talking about his relationship with SafeinHome’s Remote Support professionals.